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Babes, bars & sunburnt Brits*

Have you joined a choir, applied to be a midwife or booked a flight to Benidorm recently? Or are you perhaps in a choir of midwives on a tour of the Costa Blanca? If so, you may be experiencing the benefits of watching TV. Read more on Babes, bars & sunburnt Brits*…

Calm down dears; Jedward will live on

So Jedward are out and didn’t they
do it in spectacular style? Moaning and growling through a uniquely atonal
version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Boyzone classic “No matter what”. It clearly
even tested Louis’s powers of positive thinking. At one point the camera turned
to him and there he was, fixed grin, singing along under his breath clearly in a
desperate attempt to guide his protégés back to the tune. Before striking the
killer blow, Dannii was prompted to ask whether this was a singing competition; a
question to which none of the other judges seemed able or willing to give an
adequate answer.

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