YouTube puts its money where its mouth isn’t

I’ve started a YouTube channel where I post videos of me talking about my pony, which sadly died. Yes, I’m vlogging a dead horse.


Vlogging is a word I still haven’t come to terms with. It is one of several modern portmanteaus that rub me up the wrong way. Vlogging (video + blogging) lives alongside normcore (normal + hardcore), glocal (global + local), labradoodle (labrador + poodle), and twerking (twisting + jerking). If someone was to set up a vlog in which they dressed in normcore while glocally twerking and walking a labradoodle I would probably throw up.

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We’re a diverse bunch at Thinkbox, but one of the things we definitely all have in common is that we rather like watching TV. If someone in an interview for Thinkbox said ‘I don’t watch TV, just not a big fan; I just like looking at Facebook and watching traffic’ then alarm bells would ring. Eyebrows would rise. It’s likely they’re lying, but even more likely they aren’t really us. We love Facebook and traffic too – and obviously we would follow employment law scrupulously – but no likey TV, probably no fitty inny at, er, Thinkboxy (will stop that now).

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Why Apple’s Tim Cook is wrong about TV

It has been a while since someone at the top of a big global tech firm has said something ridiculous about TV. Thankfully, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has noticed this and taken one for the team by claiming TV is ‘stuck back in the 70s’.

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Is Kim Kardashian programmatically buying native advertising?

I saw Kim Kardashian recently in Cannes. We were in the same restaurant. I was dining on truffled lobster and gulping down champagne surrounded by an entourage of fawning admirers, publicists and stylists; she was having the set menu with some brand managers and the receptionist from a digital agency poor love. She waved apparently.

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Enders: the world as we (really) know it

There I was; Friday afternoon at Media360. I’d made it through the panel session on programmatic buying, the greased pig of the marketing world (just as you think you’ve grasped what it is and why everyone seems so excited about it, it’s slipped away to go snuffling for automated, real-time truffles). My mind was full after two days of wonderful content. The end was now in sight but would I make it? Did I have room for more?

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London Live lives

London Live lives. The capital’s first 24 hour entertainment TV channel sprang to life yesterday at Advertising Week Europe. You’re probably aware of Advertising Week, unless you’ve had your eyes sewn shut and your fingers glued into your ears. If I glance at my Twitter feed it’s pretty much all I can see (speaking of Twitter and new launches, we launched this new study with them yesterday).

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The Advertising Association is leading, moving and shaking

I’m not shallow about industry events; I judge them by a strict, professional metric: the number of movers and shakers per square inch. If it is a satisfactory level then I will feverishly pinball round the room trying to meet everyone I know or ingratiate myself with those I don’t. On this basis alone, the Advertising Association’s Lead 2014 was a success.

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Hark! The Herald Adverts Sing

If you spot me doing a robo-dance today it is because I am getting into the spirit of ‘Cyber Monday’. Yes, today is the day when – with the last payday before Christmas safely stashed in our bank accounts – a record number of Christmas shoppers are predicted to scroll and click their way to the busiest day ever in the history of online shopping.

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Happy World Television Day!

The United Nations likes a Day. Sometimes it feels like there is a Day for everything and that it won’t be long before we have World Day Day, when we need to celebrate the Gregorian calendar.

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Vive la télévision!

Thinkbox has recently been saying bonjour, ciao, begroeting, guten tag and god dag to some of its wonderful cousins in Europe.

Actually, in all honesty, it hasn’t. Thinkbox has been guiltily speaking English to TV people from across the continent who have all replied in faultless English, all of which has left us feeling a little ashamed and uneducated.

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