Vive la télévision!

Thinkbox has recently been saying bonjour, ciao, begroeting, guten tag and god dag to some of its wonderful cousins in Europe.

Actually, in all honesty, it hasn’t. Thinkbox has been guiltily speaking English to TV people from across the continent who have all replied in faultless English, all of which has left us feeling a little ashamed and uneducated.

But nonetheless, we have been joining hands with TV organisations around Europe.

Thinkbox is no stranger to Europe. We have long had a strong relationship with egta and we are partly funded by RTL, but this increased internationalism is hopefully the beginning of something very useful and positive for all concerned – and for advertisers interested in a better perspective on the health of TV.

While retaining our core focus on the UK, it makes sense to collaborate with other TV organisations which share the same positive mission to help advertisers get the best out of TV in all its burgeoning forms. For one thing, our European union will help address the fact that TV generally talks in terms of individual markets. TV rarely takes a more global perspective, but this is exactly what those who seek to knock TV always tend to do. They bandy about global figures and it is hard to offer a meaningful comparison for TV. By joining together more we can try to give a truer, fairer perspective. Bring some balance to the conversation.

It is early days but the first fruit from this truly European loin was a story that appeared earlier this week reflecting on what a marvellous summer European TV enjoyed. You can read the full press release here. Among its many multi-cultural facts is that Italians apparently watched 3.5% more television in the summer of 2013 than in 2012; 26 million Germans watched the election debate between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her challenger Peer Steinbrück; and, in line with UK figures, across Europe, for every minute spent on YouTube, the average person spends nearly an hour watching linear television.

Ultimately it would be nice to be saying g’day, howdy, kon’ichiwa and hujambo too, but for now we’re delighted to usher in a new era of cooperation, collaboration and wider insight. That’s a good thing however you say it.

  • Maarten Albarda

    It also sounds as if Thinkbox has been using Google Translate… The Dutch word for “hello” is certainly not “begroeting” which actually means “greeting” or “salutation”. The correct word is “hallo” of “goedendag”.