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UN Resolution 51/205, 17 December 1996

I know that when you all think of the 17 December 1996, you inevitably think of the 14 Peruvian guerrillas from the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement who on that day took hundreds of people hostage at the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Lima.

However something else happened that day: the United Nations passed Resolution 51/205 and proclaimed today (21 November) World Television Day.

I’m embarrassed to say that this fact has only recently come to our attention, so I’m guessing it must be news to you too.  Why did the UN decide the world needed a Television Day? Well, in its own words: Read more on UN Resolution 51/205, 17 December 1996…

A poem about POEM

There was a researcher called Neil,
Who was fed up with marketing spiel.
‘Owned and earned’ they all cried
But of paid they denied
The fact that it was a big deal.

So he set off to find out the truth.
He began it by drinking vermouth.
Nicely sloshed he decided
Measurement is lopsided,
Econometrics would offer the proof. Read more on A poem about POEM…

TV Triangle squares the circle

London has been balanced. Like a rhombus relieved of its worrying tilt to become a more stable square, the West of London now has a media hub to counter-balance the much-vaunted and invested-in East of the city where the Silicon Roundabout and Tech City reside.

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94% can’t be wrong

What do 94% of this week’s IPA Effectiveness Awards winners have in common – apart from having shaken hands with Gyles Brandreth and being utterly brilliant at advertising? The answer is TV, but then you probably guessed that.

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