Nike’s Glee?

The nauseatingly cute and diverse young cast of Glee has been summoned to the White House to perform for the Obamas this Easter. But our favourite character from the show won’t be there; Sue Sylvester (actress Jane Lynch) will be busy washing her Adidas track suits.


You’ve probably been reading about the proposed relaxations in the rules for paid product placement in UK TV. One of the arguments used to Ofcom by its champions is that we are already seeing plenty of US TV with paid placement in them and the world hasn’t spun off its axis.

In Glee, Sue Sylvester wears nothing but Adidas and has now modelled every style “in all of the colours and all of the sizes.” It’s hard to believe that Adidas has had any say in its products being used to adorn this paranoid sadist. But if someone told me Nike had been involved, I’d be tempted to believe them.

Just think what fun some brand could have making Frank Gallagher drink or wear one of its competitors. I’m sure Ofcom has thought of that…

  • Martin Thomas

    Negative product placement has been going on unofficially for years in the US … making the ugly baddie wear or drink your rival’s product … not sure if it is covered by the laws of defamation.

    Mercedes’ film product placement guidelines used to include the request that the cars should not be driven by “sleezy, macho, gangster types” … which rules out anyone involved in a Scorsese film


    Well, it might be going on here unofficially too but I’ve never come across it. And given that all UK paid placement will have to be transparent and announced to the viewer at the start and end of programmes I think it’s unlikely to be a legal market ever. But it’s a fun game to think up the most damaging product placement your brand could ever suffer!

  • tiffamys1 tiffanys2

    i like it very much !

  • Iain Morrison

    I hate to sound like a glee geek, but she did wear a Nike tracksuit in one episode. I will now go off to a corner, and hang my head in shame…


    Ha-ha! All hail to the telly geeks. Of course it could have just been a clever touch by Nike to cover up a negative placement deal…? (Just to make it clear, I don’t really think Nike had anything to do with this!)

    The interesting thing is that the Sue S connection is getting Adidas lots of positive attention and buzz. As Milton found out in Paradise Lost, it’s hard to stop the baddie becoming the most charismatic character, but it would have been a brave brand that associated themselves in advance with Satan.

  • Iain Morrison

    This Su loving Glee geek pleads guilty as charged! Interesting times ahead, particularly in the UK.

    The Adidas / Nike who done what where you mention above is the sort of scenario that will no doubt add weight to those calling for complete transparency in Blighty – if and when relaxation of the rules comes…

    As for Satan, well. Perhaps pure evil aside, we all love a baddie…